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Dinamo Standards

Dinamo Standards is a collection of revivals and interpretations. All Standards cover Latin 1 character sets; if needed, they can be extended in order to support additional languages or feature more weights and/or italics. Versions of those typefaces have been used for:

  • Meret Oppenheim Preis Schweiz
  • Kunsthalle Zürich
  • Weiss Falk Basel
  • James Fuentes Gallery
  • Discipline Magazine
  • Biennale de l’image mouvement Geneva
  • Forensic Architecture
  • MACBA Barcelona
  • Istituto Svizzero
  • Kunsthal Aarhus
  • Condo
  • Nike
  • Sternberg Press
  • ICA Philadelphia
  • Swiss Design Network
  • Bayerische Staatsbibliothek München
  • MoMA PS1
  • A-Trak feat. Young Thug
  • Boca Raton Museum of Art
  • Adidas Originals
  • Typo Berlin
  • RMIT Design Hub
  • The Australian Monthly
  • Yale School of Architecture
  • ETH Zurich
  • Kunsthalle Basel
  • A School, A Park
  • Swiss Institute
  • Robert Johnson Frankfurt
  • Schweizer Bundesamt für Kultur
  • Bad Bonn Kilbi
  • Ludlow38
  • Structuur Furniture
  • Kestner Gesellschaft
  • Canadian Center for Architecture
  • Planet Mu
  • Haus der Kunst München
  • Centre d’Art Genève
  • Zentrum Paul Klee
Gothic Light Italic
Gothic Light
Gothic Bold

Gothic No. 6 is a sturdy and utilitarian typeface, based on early american gothics. Gothic No. 6 consists of Regular and Bold and is in use for James Fuentes Gallery New York, designed by Other Means.

DigitizerFabian Harb
Digitizing Year2015
Gothic ads
Gothicimg 3766
Helveesti Regular

Helveesti is a soviet time Helvetica clone with light-traps, meant to compensate the characteristic blur of film-setting exposure. Found and digitized at EKA Tallinn in 2014.

DigitizerFabian Harb
Digitizing Year2014
Helveestiimg 3685
Helveestiimg 3681
Pegasus Regular
Pegasus Italic
Pegasus Bold

Pegasus is a slightly sharpened revival of a Berthold Wolpe design with the same name. Drawn with the assistance of Erkin Karamemet and Selina Bernet.

DigitizerFabian Harb
Digitizing Year2013
Original DesignerBerthold Wolpe
Permanent Book
Permanent Bold

Permanent is a straight forward revival of Karlgeorg Hoefer’s 1964 design.

DigitizerFabian Harb
Digitizing Year2014
Original DesignerKarlgeorg Hoefer
Original Year1964
Permanentimg 3770
Permanentimg 3758
Rauchwaren Bold

Rauchwaren is based on type samples in Walter Käch’s educational folder ”Schriften / Lettering / Ecritures” (Olten, 1949) for his students at the Zürich School of Arts and Crafts (among them Adrian Frutiger) and used as corporate typeface for Kunsthalle Zürich (designed by Dan Solbach, 2015).

DigitizerFabian Harb
Digitizing Year2015
Original DesignerWalter Käch
Original Year1949
Rauchwarenimg 3519
Rauchwarenimg 3524 1
Sorciere Regular

Sorcière is an interpretation and lower case extension of a turn of the century lettering (supposedly by Rudolf Koch) and drawn for Bad Bonn Kilbi (designed by Adeline Mollard and Katharina Reidy).

DigitizerJohannes Breyer, Fabian Harb
Digitizing Year2017
Sorcierebb handband
Estragon Regular

Based on a few characters posted by the Type Founders Archive on Instagram, later identified as a spread from "Harrild & Sons' New & Abridged Specimens" (circa 1890). Unfortunately, no further information or characters could be found. Designed upon by Johannes Breyer in early 2017, Estragon comes in the styles Wildstyle, Arrow, Bubble – and can be combined via OpenType. First used for the identity of Condo New York by Sam de Groot in 2017, who called the design a mixture of "Kurt Schwitters and Wildstyle".

DigitizerJohannes Breyer
Digitizing Year2017
Original DesignerUnknown
Original Year1890
Estragondinamo estragon
Estragondinamo letterform tholenaar bound specimens
Bingo Bold

Bingo is based on a type sample published in Rob Roy Kelly’s "American Wood Type, 1828-1900 (…)". Unlike its source, Bingo’s inner and outer contours are drawn with polygons, which makes it appear smooth and rounded at small size, or brutal when scaled up. A second set of monolinear, thin punctuation has been added in 2012.

DigitizerJohannes Breyer
Digitizing Year2011
Original DesignerRob Roy Kelly
Original Year1828
Bingodinamo woodtype cover bingo
Bingo2dinamo woodtype bingo
Simon Mono Light

Simon is a modern typewriter typeface, sporting sharp terminals and large punctuation. ITC American Typewriter was the main source of research, however Simon’s proportions and forms are drawn for contemporary usage: unnecessary details such as ball terminals and flaring serifs were removed in favour of a more industrial drawing style. In 2019–2020 Simon will be developed further into a full family of weights. It was first used as the main text typeface in Shoplifters 8: New Type Design by Actual Source.

DigitizerJP Haynie and Robert Janes
Digitizing Year2018
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