What is the Print License?
It allows you to install the font files on a Desktop Computer, in order to design images and documents for print and screen. Its price is based on the total size of the company of the end client (the business entity who commissions the design work) and not on the amount of computers on which the font files are installed on.

What Licenses can be purchased directly from this website?
Print, Web and Social Media Licenses. Please get in touch in order to purchase a different license.

What is the Web License?
It allows for embedding the font files into a website. The license is priced per one domain and traffic, and has to be upgraded once traffic increases.

What is the App License?
It allows for embedding the font files into a Mobile App. The license is priced per app title and platform (Android or iOS) and has to be upgraded once downloads increase.

What is the Social Media License?
Add-on to the Print License. It covers the use on channels like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Youtube. It is an one time fee and based on the total amount of followers across all your channels. The first 100.000 followers are for free. Let’s go get those likes!

What is the Broadcasting License?
It allows for any kind of broadcasting bigger than Social Media, such as Streaming (Netflix, Amazon, HBO, SKY), TV, Cinema, Video Advertising, Video Billboards or Video Clips longer than 1 minute. It is a one time fee. The price depends on region (Europe, USA, Other) and time. Please get in touch for pricing.

What is the Corporate License?
A one-time fee which grants you globally unlimited Print, Web and App use. Continuously having to monitor and re-evaluate traffic or upgrade licenses (if a company grows or more websites are being added) is a process bigger companies usually like to avoid. Therefore some of them choose to go with the Corporate License. Please get in touch for pricing.

What is the Subcontractor License?
Owners of the Corporate License usually combine it with a Subcontractor License – it allows them to share the typeface with any of their subcontractors during their working relationship. Please get in touch for pricing.

What is the Logo License?
If the typeface is used in the word mark of a company, an additional fee applies. It depends on the yearly gross revenue of the company. Please get in touch for pricing.

What is the Embedding-License?
It allows for embedding the font files into an eBook or PDFs or other documents which you share with your customers or collaborators. The license is priced per amount of titles. Please get in touch for pricing.

Do I need a special license to embed your typefaces into my Video Game?
Yes! Please get in touch for pricing.


My company has multiple offices. How do I license correctly?
Each office needs to obtain their own and separate licenses.

My company works with freelancers. Do my licenses cover them as well?
Nope. Your company and your freelancers need to obtain their own and separate licenses.

My agency is designing an identity and will hand over the font files alongside templates to our client. What type of licenses do we need to purchase?
Both your agency and your client need to obtain their own and separate Print Licenses. Their price is determined individually, by total company size.

My company grew in size, the traffic of my website is exploding, my app is booming. How do I upgrade my license?
Congratulations! Please get in touch to upgrade your existing license.

I bought a Print or Web License. Can I embed the typefaces into videos?
No. You will either need a Social Media License or a Broadcasting License. Both are described above and can get licensed by getting in touch with us.

Can I alter, extend, or modify typefaces which I licensed from you in any way?

I dont like the typefaces anymore. Can i get a refund?


What is the EULA?
It means "End User License Agreement". Its the terms and conditions that we worked out to define the use of our typefaces and protect the client-foundry-relationship. You can find the entire EULA here. Please note that by downloading and/or installing any of our typefaces you automatically agree to our EULA.

Where can I get Trial Typefaces?
Trial versions to all our typefaces are available from this website. Get them all on this page, or under each typeface page. They cover A-Z, a-z and 0-9. Happy test drive!

Do you offer Student Discounts?
Yes, we offer student discounts of 50% – for individual and non-commercial projects only – from the purchase of two styles on and upwards. Meaning: buy one, get one free. You can simply buy one style via our webshop, and get in touch with us. We’ll send you a second style of your choice via email afterwards. It also works for more than just one style, say: buy two, and get two more, and so on …!

Do I get an invoice? Can I buy a license for someone else?
Yes and yes. Each order automatically generates an invoice which is send to you after your purchase. During check-out, you have the option to differentiate between Billing Details (you) and License Details (who owns the license), in case you are buying the license for your client or someone else.

Who should cover the cost of typeface licenses?
The individual or institution for who the design is for: the client, not the service providing designer. Tip for designers: adding typeface licensing costs to your initial design quote right from the start helps avoiding confusion or problems with clients later on during the project.

What kind of Technical Support do you offer?
Dinamo fonts are optimised for up-to-date browsers, mobile operating systems and professional graphic design applications. Dinamo does not guarantee support for office applications like Microsoft Word. For further questions about any Dinamo product, please get in touch via email.

How can I embed your webfonts into my website?
Use this code:

Do you offer internships?
Yes! Usually we’re booked already one year in advance. Please get in touch!

Can I visit your studio spaces in Basel or Berlin?
Yes! Student groups or individuals are more than welcome to visit us. Just get in touch.


What are the Dinamo Standards?
Dinamo Standards describe our collection of revivals and interpretations. They can be extended in order to support additional languages or feature more weights and/or italics.

What is the Dinamo Dark Room?
A virtual space to test drive internally developed type design tools or plugins to help or confuse the modern type designer.

What is Dinamo Hardware?
As a counterpart to our “type software”, we invented “Dinamo Hardware”: a separate platform to translate our type design thinking into tangible objects and their production.

What is the Different Times Tshirt?
“Different Times” comes from the title of Johannes’ bachelor thesis at the Rietveld Academie, in which he wrote about what it means to be a type designer today, holding a mouse in our hands.

Two years after the fact, we had the idea to make a “statement” T-shirt, a reminder that “different times” ask for “different approaches”—very cheesy. The shirt eventually featured five different digital versions of the ubiquitous Times typeface: Times Ten, Times New Roman, Times LT, AT CG Times, and MT Times Bitmapped—all of which are more or less the same and are therefore undermine the shirt’s message.

For some shirts in the series, the “template” was modified according to what was going on in our own lives or in the culture at large when it was published. Hence “Difficult Times” (after Trump’s election) and “Spiritual Times” (on the occasion of a short stay in Los Angeles). So far, five editions have been released with a print run of 120 each, and an anniversary edition in collaboration with the Danish label Wood Wood.

What is this Variable Font Tool I keep seeing?
Our most popular tool: the Font Gauntlet, developed with Robert Janes. Type designers can make their fonts run through our Font Gauntlet to quickly uncover their weaknesses. Once you’ve dragged a Variable Font into it, you can control its Axes and generate a new font file from any position: www.dinamodarkroom.com

What File Formats do you support?
We provide .otf files for Print and iOS/Android embedding, and .woff for Web Browsers. Most of the formats which people request (.eot, .svg, .ttf) are outdated and not necessary anymore today. However, we can generate .ttf and .svg files in case they are really needed – please get in touch.


What is a Custom Typeface?
A typeface designed in close collaboration with you and custom tailored to your needs. It can either mean that we modify one of our existing typefaces, or design a new typeface from scratch. Only you will be able to use this bespoke typeface – it might even carry your name!

Can I commission Dinamo for the creation of a Custom Typeface?
Yes, we occasionally accept commissions for custom typeface designs, word marks or modifications of library releases. We’ve done so for SSENSE, Acqua di Parma, Warp Records, Suisse Institute, RIMOWA and Nike among others. For inquiries, please get in touch via email and describe vision and scope of your project.

Can I commission Dinamo to modify one of their existing Typefaces for me?
Yes! Just get in touch and tell us what you need.