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This offers only temporary sanctuary
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‘Deep human consolation, and liberation.’ How I long for these realms of being!
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I also know what relentless and devouring pressures running a publishing house can exert on a man.
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I hope that you have been able to share in a little of this happiness whilst reading.
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use the existing colour of the paper (retaining the integrity of the material)
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funded with beer money
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I have experienced a great release and relief in writing to you, for which I am thankful
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It is our duty, is it not?
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a grant from Heineken
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No one respects the endearing simpleness of Central Europe more than I, but here it goes too far
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ecstatic and jazzed (I initially thought he was high)
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the realisation that great changes must and shall be made in my life.
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Not how I envisioned I would end up!
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Specimen Saved!