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Do not think I am without sin myself, Robin.
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adjustable waistband
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‘Deep human consolation, and liberation.’ How I long for these realms of being!
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With my nerves quite literally on edge
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I am not hard of heart, Robin.
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It looks very proper and correct – if I may say so myself!
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It would be my honour and pleasure to take charge of Hyphen Press and follow in your (pretty big!) footsteps.
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not conducive to good practice
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so much to learn
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Let me tell you, Robin
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so much to learn
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it is necessary in our profession (and indeed, life) to go out on a limb and make brave steps into the unknown.
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My gut feeling is to go with my instinct on this one.
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ecstatic and jazzed (I initially thought he was high)
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(Have I gone too far? Said too much?)
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Successful shirt/cardigan combinations
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Specimen Saved!