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I am trustworthy, companionable and would bring, as they say, no extra baggage (personal, mental problems, etc.)
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I felt very much at home, sitting in the darkened corner of a timeless café devouring Kafka!
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Is the law the law, regardless of who perpetrates the crime, or is it flexible?
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as my studies in ‘graphic design’ draw to a close
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Should you require me at Hyphen Press, please do not hesitate to contact me with immediacy.
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(It is telling that even in metaphors you resort to alcohol.)
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I saw a lunatic brandishing a traffic cone, screaming like a banshee
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Surely, Typographers are more than puppets to their clients?
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they persist in this ‘playful’ torture
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without it the book is flawless
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In my free time I would like to teach Typography to Surinam natives (espousing the good word)
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bourbon/bone spectator wingtips by Allen-Edmonds (striking when paired with red socks).
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