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such public indecency, though thankfully rare, is not unheard of in the Netherlands.
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voyeurs in nearby bushes
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I will readily adapt my appearance in response to your feedback.
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I shower daily, sometimes twice during the warm summer months.
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Sometimes I am so intimidated that I turn around and go back home without my shopping.
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adjustable waistband
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the questionable radicality of illegibility
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Imagine my disgust and self-loathing in telling you this.
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My displeasure in it derives threefold from aesthetic, practical and ethical sources.
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Amsterdam calling! Amsterdam calling!
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unwieldy gangs of winos
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As I prepare to embark on this new chapter in my life
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I knew I had to intervene.
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I am cleanly shaven (I use shaving cream by Taylor of Old Bond Street).
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My displeasure in it derives threefold from aesthetic, practical and ethical sources.
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Here is a small sample of items from my wardrobe.
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funded with beer money
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Am I ready? Am I up to the job?
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Aesthetically, I find it outrageously jarring
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a grant from Heineken
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Specimen Saved!