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I stepped in, telling the white Dutch man to calm down and desist in his attacks on the nut-seller’s faith.
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I could not help but notice the inevitable lingering scent of marijuana
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my usually meticulous attention to detail
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I sometimes doubt the validity of this work.
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flopping back and forth as one tries to get on with the now-marred pleasure of reading your crown jewels.
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I note that you once called yourself a ‘beer-lover’ and on another separate occasion you described how you used to frequent parties with ‘thoughtfully chosen wine’.
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coral pink Prince-of-Wales with thick mother-of-pearl buttons
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I felt very much at home, sitting in the darkened corner of a timeless café devouring Kafka!
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Aesthetically, I find it outrageously jarring
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(no one feels more shame and hatred for our colonial past than I)
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Stuart Bailey also recalls a discussion he had with you regarding wine glass design.
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pale yellow shirt with brick-red lambswool jumper
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Specimen Saved!