Play with Fonts
I could not help myself from drawing up the following samples of how my name might appear in future editions
Galapagos B LightBuy Galapagos B Light0102Change Backdrop
My hair is cut every two weeks in a smart backcomb with short back and sides.
Galapagos B Light GridBuy Galapagos B Light Grid0102Change Backdrop
The responsibility?
Galapagos B RegularBuy Galapagos B Regular0102Change Backdrop
the Modern Typographer needs to be on-the-ball 24/7
Galapagos B Regular GridBuy Galapagos B Regular Grid0102Change Backdrop
A lovely set of letters to be sure – although both the lowercase s and the uppercase S bother me
Galapagos B SemiboldBuy Galapagos B Semibold0102Change Backdrop
flaws, vices and secrets that eat at his soul.
Galapagos B Semibold GridBuy Galapagos B Semibold Grid0102Change Backdrop
unwieldy gangs of winos
Galapagos B BoldBuy Galapagos B Bold0102Change Backdrop
specific suggestions of tailors, shoemakers – even barbers
Galapagos B Bold GridBuy Galapagos B Bold Grid0102Change Backdrop
vanity projects in keeping with my interests
Galapagos B BlackBuy Galapagos B Black0102Change Backdrop
I would have no objection to honest graft on a rice farm or banana plantation.
Galapagos B Black GridBuy Galapagos B Black Grid0102Change Backdrop
Specimen Saved!