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coral-pink with forest-green
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My hair is cut every two weeks in a smart backcomb with short back and sides.
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rather boring
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the likelihood that there will be further editions of Norman’s giving masterpiece
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I feel like I know you; I know the way you think, the way you work.
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pea-green coarse weave (surprisingly supple) with lush black/grey mother-of-pearl buttons
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It is a nervous and uncertain time when one graduates.
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Andy de Fiets, Bachelor in ‘graphic design’ and bachelor in love, at your service!
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No one knows more than I do of the pressures and strains that Modern Typography exerts on a man.
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I am singularly focused, passionate and very meticulous when it comes to Modern Typography
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good practice
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Not how I envisioned I would end up!
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Not how I envisioned I would end up!
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I drink seldomly and intend to quit this habit imminently so as to avoid falling victim to our curse.
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No one respects the endearing simpleness of Central Europe more than I, but here it goes too far
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voyeurs in nearby bushes
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my work during the day is attempted to a ceaseless soundtrack of children at play;
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only ‘Kinross, Unjustified texts, Hyphen’ placed elegantly along its spine
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Is this correct?
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the desultory state of printing and binding
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Successful shirt/cardigan combinations
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Is this correct?
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I would have no objection to honest graft on a rice farm or banana plantation.
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‘playful’ torture
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This offers only temporary sanctuary
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nervous and uncertain
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I hope that you have been able to share in a little of this happiness whilst reading.
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funded with beer money
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I sometimes doubt the validity of this work.
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Andy de Fiets, Bachelor in ‘graphic design’ and bachelor in love, at your service!
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doubting again if I was worthy of Modern Typography and questioning my existence
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(Have I gone too far? Said too much?)
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Promoting an overproduction of lacklustre exhibitions by lowly institutions that lack seriousness and ambition is hardly the manner to which I foresaw my gifts being applied.
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Another option to which I have given serious thought is to move to Surinam, the former Dutch colony.
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there is only room for one wearer of spectacles (you) at Hyphen Press
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the bulk of your life
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I felt very much at home, sitting in the darkened corner of a timeless café devouring Kafka!
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Can a flawless book exist in 2008?
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the grave likelihood that you are an alcoholic.
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torch-bearer of Modern Typography
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there is only room for one wearer of spectacles (you) at Hyphen Press
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Do I regret not questioning the exact events before intervening?
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use the existing colour of the paper (retaining the integrity of the material)
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it is most likely that you have spent the bulk of your life unattached
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It would be my honour and pleasure to take charge of Hyphen Press and follow in your (pretty big!) footsteps.
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Is the law the law, regardless of who perpetrates the crime, or is it flexible?
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calling me a ‘kaaskop’ (a Dutch profanity, which translates roughly as ‘cheesehead’)
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supreme Belgian workmanship – most trousers of today are made to entirely different standards.
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Aesthetically, I find it outrageously jarring
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It looks very proper and correct – if I may say so myself!
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I might add here that I do not have a girlfriend.
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could you consider why you choose these clothes and tell me how they affect your practice and why?
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note the elegant functionality of the adjustable waistband.
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Whilst reading your very enlightening (and alarming) blog entry ‘Books that lie open’
Grow CEFBuy Grow CEFChange Backdrop
the realisation that great changes must and shall be made in my life.
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Is this worthwhile?
Grow DBuy Grow DChange Backdrop
(It is telling that even in metaphors you resort to alcohol.)
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It is a nervous and uncertain time when one graduates.
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I fear I am playing below par at a time when I must be exceeding myself!
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I prepare to set out on my journey as an independent and professional Modern Typographer
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Are you at all familiar with The Smiths?
Grow EFBuy Grow EFChange Backdrop
as my studies in ‘graphic design’ draw to a close
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Specimen Saved!