Play with Fonts
I could not help myself from drawing up the following samples of how my name might appear in future editions
Galapagos AB LightBuy Galapagos AB Light0102Change Backdrop
pea-green coarse weave (surprisingly supple) with lush black/grey mother-of-pearl buttons
Galapagos AB Light GridBuy Galapagos AB Light Grid0102Change Backdrop
proper and correct
Galapagos AB RegularBuy Galapagos AB Regular0102Change Backdrop
My gut feeling is to go with my instinct on this one.
Galapagos AB Regular GridBuy Galapagos AB Regular Grid0102Change Backdrop
I am singularly focused, passionate and very meticulous when it comes to Modern Typography
Galapagos AB SemiboldBuy Galapagos AB Semibold0102Change Backdrop
It is a nervous and uncertain time when one graduates.
Galapagos AB Semibold GridBuy Galapagos AB Semibold Grid0102Change Backdrop
proper and correct
Galapagos AB BoldBuy Galapagos AB Bold0102Change Backdrop
No one respects the endearing simpleness of Central Europe more than I, but here it goes too far
Galapagos AB Bold GridBuy Galapagos AB Bold Grid0102Change Backdrop
I sometimes doubt the validity of this work.
Galapagos AB BlackBuy Galapagos AB Black0102Change Backdrop
pale yellow shirt with brick-red lambswool jumper
Galapagos AB Black GridBuy Galapagos AB Black Grid0102Change Backdrop
Specimen Saved!