What licensing options are available?

For retail typefaces, three licensing options are available: Desktop, Webfont and Mobile App. More options are available on demand: e-books, broadcasting, student and educational licenses among others. Please get in touch if you’d like to work out a licensing plan custom tailored to your project’s specifications.

Head over to our Licensing section for further information.

Do you offer trial versions of your fonts?

Since the development of our product takes up much time and financial investment, we appreciate if people help us to keep going by buying a license. However, in certain cases trial fonts can be supplied.

Where do I submit my invoice details?

After completing your font selection inside our shop, you’re being send over to PayPal. On PayPal you’ll proceed with adding your invoice details or simply login with your PayPal account in order to finish the payment. After a successful transaction, you’ll receive a confirmation E-Mail which contains details of your order.

How can I access my order?

We create an user account after your first purchase. Login and password are submitted to you via E-Mail automatically. With those, you simply login in order to access all your orders and redownload all font-files or invoices.

Can I commission a bespoke typeface?

Yes, we offer bespoke type commissions and modifications or extensions of our existing typefaces in close collaborations with agencies or individual clients.

I saw Dinamo credited for a typeface I’d like to purchase. Why is it not available in the shop?

Perhaps the typeface you came across was a commissioned, custom job. Those often come with exclusive rights of usage to the respective client and can’t therefore be licensed for a certain period of time.

Otherwise: whilst we’ve got a good deal of typefaces in various states of development hidden in our drawers, this website only features our fully developed, prêt-à-porter retail typefaces. In any case, please do not hesitate to contact us!